Fast, Reliable, Remote Site Communications

Rapid Communications Site Deployment is an innovative new service from Future Communications which brings reliable high-speed communications to remote areas and temporary sites, where normal use of broadband is impossible or impractical.

Using dedicated satellite links and terrestrial communications, RCSD brings together all of the equipment and skills you need to quickly set-up a remote network, which will provide you with full voice and data services such as : 

  • Internet Access (up to 10Mb download speeds)
  • Email
  • VoIP – for telephones
  • VPN – Virtual Private Networks for access to your company data and internal systems
  • PSTN Connectivity – Access to standard land lines

As the name suggests Rapid Communications Site Deployment is designed to get your remote network up and running quickly, and will also allow you to relocate the service quickly as well, should you require it. 

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