Exterity Building IPTV

Exterity Building IPTV lets you use the excess capacity of your IP network to deliver high-impact digital TV and video to a virtually unlimited number of users. There’s no need for an expensive, hard-to-maintain analogue TV distribution system that can’t keep up with the digital switchover. 

With an Exterity solution from Future Communications you can stream anything like digital Freeview TV or video-on-demand programmes to your current TVs, AV displays, and even personal computers. It is managed just like any other IP network service, with notable savings in both capital and operating costs. You needn’t worry about the digital switchover, either. Exterity maintains compatibility with your existing TVs so you can upgrade as budget permits.

  • Higher quality video to more users
  • Modular solution to fit any budget and scale effortlessly
  • Better video content control and security
  • Eliminate wasteful internet TV bandwidth usage
  • Reduce the budget impact of digital switchover

A wide variety of industries rely on Exterity Building IPTV, including hospitality, healthcare, general corporate, sports venues, education, broadcasting, transportation and government agencies. Contact us at info@future-communications.co.uk to see how Exterity can help you enhance staff productivity, forge a closer relationship with customers, and create new revenue streams.

Exterity AvediaStream

Exterity’s AvediaStream solution is chassis-based, allowing organisations to insert a variety of modular blades that capture TV or video channels and multicast them across your network as standard MPEG streams.

Exterity AvediaStream TVgateways

AvediaStream TVgateway blades make it possible to distribute live TV and radio channels—terrestrial, satellite or cable—over your IP network. Available for both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) TV, they can deliver multiple channels from a single blade for lower cost per channel, and de-scramble compliant encrypted channels using built-in CAM Module. Typical applications include:

  • Breaking news for decision-makers
  • Global TV for language instruction, hotel guests, etc.
  • Weather, traffic, and other information for staff
  • Live TV for transport terminals

Download an AvediaStream TVgateway brochure.

Exterity AvediaStream Encoders

AvediaStream Encoder blades take video from virtually any source and put it on your network. Sources may include video cameras, DVD/Blu-ray players, digital signage systems, personal computers and even set-top boxes for premium TV channels. They are available for both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) encoding. Typical applications include:

  • Supply internal educational, training or sales channels from video cameras
  • Provide premium sports channels to hotel guests, or to corporate staff to reduce absenteeism during high-profile events such as the World Cup
  • Supply slide shows and other content as video channels from personal computers
  • Use digital signage systems for staff, student or visitor information

Download an AvediaStream Encoder brochure.

Exterity AvediaStream Chassis

Three AvediaStream chassis are available to match a wide range of organisational needs and budgets. All three chassis are hot-swap enabled. This allows movement and replacement of the blades without the need to power down the entire unit, saving time and avoiding disruption to other IPTV services currently operating in the same chassis. The largest chassis supports 10 blades with redundant power supplies for higher reliability.

Information on AvediaStream chassis may be found in the TVgateway and Encoder brochures.

Exterity AvediaServer

AvediaServer is a video on-demand appliance that can be configured with a variety of modules to provide you with a robust video storage and delivery system with any of the following capabilities:

  • On-demand and scheduled video channel delivery
  • User access to all IPTV assets on your network through a consistent interface.
  • A unified program guide for both scheduled playback channels and live TV
  • Continuous-loop recording to store TV channels and clips for later viewing
  • Remote, multi-user administration of your entire Building IPTV system

Typical applications include:

  • Build and maintain a library of video content for training, education, or entertainment
  • Eliminate the hassle of DVD or videotape management
  • Record news and TV programmes for later analysis or use in education or training
  • Deliver on-demand and scheduled channels to users, integrated with any other video or network content
  • Customise the user interface for organisational branding

Download an AvediaServer brochure.

Exterity IPTV Receivers

Exterity IPTV Receivers make TV and video streams on your network available to both analogue and digital TVs and AV display devices. There are three versions available:

  • isocket IPTV receivers are in-wall devices for fixed installations.
  • idaptor IPTV receiver are free-standing devices (set-top boxes).
  • The idaptor TriplePlay receiver is a free standing device that provides connections for an IP telephone and PC internet access in addition to TV and video; an optional mounting bracket provides for secure installation.

Exterity IPTV Receivers can support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to simplify installation and idaptor IPTV receivers are available for both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels.

Because Exterity IPTV Receivers can output both analogue and digital signals regardless of the original source, you can use existing analogue equipment and upgrade TVs and AV displays as budget permits.

  • Connect any TV or AV display anywhere on the LAN
  • Automatic channel recognition simplifies installation
  • Central configuration and control via SNMP or web management interface
  • Administrator control of channel, audio volume and language, including subtitles (DVB)

Download an Exterity IPTV Receiver brochure.

Exterity Avedia PC Clients

Exterity Avedia PC Clients are software applications that make any video stream on your network available for viewing on personal computers, enabling you to rapidly roll-out video services using existing PC resources.

Three different clients are available to satisfy specific organisational needs. With the appropriate Avedia PC Client you can:

  • Transform any Windows-based PC into an easy-to-use TV and personal video recorder (PVR)
  • Deliver quick access to TV and video channels through Windows Media Player or VMC
  • Embed video in digital signage systems, intranet pages or business applications.

Download an Exterity PC Client brochure.

Exterity IPTV Manager Pro and IPTV Director

Exterity IPTV Manager Pro is a Windows-based application that gives you centralised, end-to-end control of your IPTV network through a unified interface. It offers an array of tools for device discovery, configuration, control, and firmware upgrade that greatly simplifies management of the largest IPTV deployments.

Exterity IPTV Director is a multi-user version of IPTV Manager Pro delivered as a module for the AvediaServer appliance. It offers similar functionality to multiple administrators via a web interface to simplify the management of larger Building IPTV deployments.

  • Centralised, efficient management of all devices
  • IPTV system control from any networked PC or full featured device
  • At-a-glance view of device and channel status
  • Upgrade multiple devices simultaneously
  • Automatic discovery of Exterity devices
  • Task scheduling capabilities offer 24-hour, organisation-wide control of content display (ideal for digital signage)

Download an Exterity IPTV Manager Pro brochure.


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