Who are we?

Future Communications (Scotland) Limited specialise in a wide range communications services that are tailored to local needs and customers wishes supported by the resources and expertise of one of the industry’s leading players in Scotland.

Why is the environment important to us?

  • We set out to be one step ahead in our industry by focusing relentlessly on our customers’ needs and the service we provide when we operate in properties in our local communities.
  • Our business doesn’t exist in isolation.  Our employees, customers, suppliers and the local community are all affected by what we do and how we do it.  Equally we are aware that our buildings and services and the way that we choose to deliver them may have an impact on the environment.
  • We consider ourselves to be a proactive and supportive neighbour to those that we live and work with.  Accordingly we believe that we have a duty to reduce any negative impacts and strive to have a positive long-term impact on our community, our local area and the environment.

What is the Board’s commitment to the Environment?

The Board of Future Communications (Scotland) Limited is firmly committed to promoting and achieving high standards of environmental performance during all of our works and activities.  To do this, they will:-

  • Ensure we meet all applicable environmental legislative, industry, organisational and customer needs whilst promoting a proactive and one step ahead approach to reducing and managing our impact on the environment.

What are Future Communications (Scotland) Limited’s objectives for the Environment?

  • The Company set environmental objectives and targets which are measured, monitored and reviewed to enable continuous improvement in our environmental performance.
  • The Future Communications (Scotland) Limited way is reviewed periodically and as required to meet applicable legislative, industry, organisational and customer needs.
  • Future Communications (Scotland) Limited identify and focus resources on key areas of our business where we can make significant improvements in terms of our environmental performance, specifically waste reduction, resource efficiency and energy management.
  • The Company inspect and audit operations throughout the year, using our local Safety, Health & Environmental Coach and external organisations, supported by our operating teams to ensure sound environmental practice.

How do Future Communications (Scotland) Limited comply with their responsibilities for the Environment?

  • Our Safety, Health & Environmental Director is responsible for ensuring environmental auditing, coaching and training is carried out.
  • We coach and train our people and make resources available to enable responsible environmental management and behaviours.
  • We provide all of our people with comprehensive operational guidelines.  This provides clear advice, guidelines and tools to ensure we prevent pollution and have a positive impact on the environment wherever possible.
  • All of our people are responsible for ensuring high standards of environmental care.
  • Our local business leaders are responsible for their business obligations and performance and for cascading information to our operating teams.

This Future Communications (Scotland) Limited Policy Statement will be displayed prominently at all sites and workplaces and will be kept under review to ensure its continuing relevance.

Fraser Mackenzie
Future Communications (Scotland) Limited

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